Kevin Kessler’s fascination with all things Disney began at the age of 2, on his first visit to Walt Disney World. After shaking hands with Mickey Mouse and watching (but not actually going on) the Dumbo ride, he was hooked! Since then, Kevin has tried to make Disney, and the magic it inspires, a part of his every day life. Some of his most treasured childhood memories revolve around trips to Walt Disney World with his family, and the experiences they all shared. As an adult, Kevin has continued to make Walt Disney World a part of his life. In 2009 Kevin proposed to his wife Jackie in front of Cinderella Castle, forever cementing this classic landmark as a permanent fixture in his life. When Kevin started the White Dragon Podcast Network in February 2013, a show about Disney was on of the first orders of business. Kevin lives in Union NJ between Disney trips, and works as the Group Sales Manager of an indoor theme park in West Nyack, NY.

“Disney has given me a tremendous amount of happiness in my life. Through 2 Men and the Mouse, I’m hoping to share the love of Disney that Pete and I have always had in common, with every listener. What’s most important to me is that, wherever you find yourself in the world, through this podcast and Web site you can feel that same sense of magic and happiness you feel that first time you walk down Main Street USA towards Cinderella Castle.”

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